Rytina Fine Cleaners is one of only seven Green Business Bureau Certified dry cleaners in the state of California, and the only one in Sacramento. For years, Rytina has used eco-friendly wetcleaning, which utilizes highly-efficient technology to minimize waste and protect the environment. We offer two additional green cleaning systems, Green Earth, a silicone-based, natural solvent, and the newer SYSTEMK4 (SK4), a 100% mix of biodegradable cleaning solution and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. These green technologies reflect both the high standards of Rytina’s service as well as our commitment to the environment.

In addition to green cleaning, we also recycle 50-60% of our hangers each year and offer durable plastic collar stays. We take the time to examine each collar stay so we can reuse them whenever possible.

Other recycling activities include:

  • Donating used shirt cardboard to children’s charities for use in craft projects.
  • Testing reusable garment bags to reduce the use of poly.
  • Separating office waste and recycling
  • Providing our employees with reusable water bottles to fill from a filtered water fountain
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Member - Green Business Bureau